Lil Dicky feat. Chris Brown - Freaky Friday

Cover Lil Dicky feat. Chris Brown - Freaky Friday
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Muziek/Tekst:Lil Dicky
Producer:Benny Blanco
Twice As Nice
DJ Mustard
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Binnenkomst:31/03/2018 (Positie 61)
Laatste week notering:16/06/2018 (Positie 92)
Piekpositie:28 (1 week)
Aantal weken:12
Positie aller tijden:7663 (610 Punten)
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1.Freaky Friday

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3:36Freaky FridayDirty Burd / Commission / BMG Rights

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Freaky Friday (Lil Dicky feat. Chris Brown)31/03/20182812


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Snormobiel Beusichem
▒ Best wel een leuke samenwerking tussen: "Lil Dicky & Chris Brown", februari 2018 !!! Voorzien van een geinige videoclip ☺!!!


let's talk about this because it's shit haha

While I can see what parts of the song are trying to do, and even parts feel like a genuine attempt at lighthearted humour that I don't seem to have a problem with. Also I'm not sure how this happened but delivery of the second verse is way better than the rest of the track. HOWEVER

1) With its mind in the gutter for much of the track it can't even be considered funny.

2) Celebrating being controversial for many reasons and hence reminding the listener that you're an especially shit bloke is not a good thing to do in song.

3) The examples of comparing cultures (i.e. what it considers to be the main challenges) are not thought through at all of course, but perhaps that's just another indication of how this can't be all that surprising.

4) The chorus is so so bad.

Of course this is for the lowest common denominator of people who happen to have a Spotify or iTunes account, but at the same time it really baffles me how this even gets a look in.

Best ok

Really bad and Chris Brown has done a lot better than this in the past. Chris Browns second UK#1. UK#1 and Ireland#7.

Muzikaal gezien is dit niet echt een hoogtepunt maar het verhaal is wel behoorlijk geestig met dito videoclip.

Toch nog best wel grappig nummer, je moet het vooral niet te serieus nemen. :')

Surprised there isn't more long-winded 1-star reviews on this page. It's probably a sensible and healthy thing to do as dwelling on the awfulness of such a song can make feel like they're staring into the abyss and putting the energy into enjoying something else like an eclair or a day at the zoo. Plus you guys are lucky enough to not have this get to #1 in your country this year, sadly I cannot say the same thing for mine.

There's already enough point-by-point detailing as to how awful this song is on the internet regardless, so instead of mentioning anything else, this review will only focus on the part in the first verse when Chris Brown, in the character of Lil Dicky, has woken up in his body. He is so thrilled about the fact that he, a white man, has woken up in the body of a black man because he now has a chance to get away with saying the, you guessed it, "n-word" and naturally mentioning of the "n-word" becomes... well, of course it does.

There's so much to unpack there. Lil Dicky, the new favourite i r o n i c c o m e d y white rapper who's primary claim to fame is making h i l a r i o u s p i s s - t a k e s of stereotyical rap music beloved by white people who are still absolutely terrified of listening to any rap music they deem too "threatening" (in fact, they basically don't respect the genre at all full stop), fulfilling the fantasy of every edgy white dude's dreaming of being "allowed" to say THAT word, through the means of Chris Brown's body, a man who's awfulness surely needs no words at this points. It's so monumentally detestable that I suddenly feel the urge to call every member of Hoobastank and personally apologise to them for ever calling their biggest hit the "worst song ever". To say nothing of the rest of this song, this moment will probably remain etched into my memory as the single worst moment in a pop song to ever exist unless I somehow manage to discover something even more terrifying. For now, though I don't wanna know. I'm just gonna have a lie down and maybe listen to some Young Thug to heal my mind.
Laatst gewijzigd: 19/12/2018 12:57

Om meerdere redenen een absoluut onding.

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