Lukas Graham - 7 Years

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1.7 Years

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7 Years14/11/2015341
Love Someone03/11/20186219
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Lukas Graham [Blue Album]09/04/20162325


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Snormobiel Beusichem
▒ Prachtige plaat uit september 2015 van: "Lukas Graham", een Deense band, bestaande uit zanger: "Lukas Graham Forchhammer" (bijnaam: "The Duke"), drummer: "Mark Falgren" ("LoveStick"), bassist: "Magnus Larsson" ("Magnúm") en pianist: "Kasper Daugaard" ("Daugaard") ☺!!!

Nog een vrij degelijke hit.
Laatst gewijzigd: 07/10/2017 14:35

Mooie compositie maar ik hik een beetje tegen die vreemde zangmaniertjes op. Dat had er van mij niet in gehoeven.

Ik vind het maar een raar plaatje. Die gestokte zang van Graham gaat me op den duur wel erg tegenstaan, net als zijn overduidelijk Deens accent dat in zijn Engels te horen is. Mensen in mijn omgeving zijn er al maanden zoet mee, en nu valt Nederland ook als een blok voor deze Deense band, maar daar snap ik dus helemaal niets van. Lichtelijk irriterend plaatje dat van mij verder geen hit hoeft te worden, maar de smaak van Nederland kennende zal dit wel gaan gebeuren.

aardig, maar niet meer dan dat.

Mwah... laat ik zeggen dat het niet echt de schuld van deze Lukas is, de muziek van tegenwoordig is sterk in kwaliteit afgenomen en de magie van nummers ook... al is dat wel al een tijd zo, sinds 'Happy' van Pharell nummer 1 werd, begon de muziek steeds minder origineel te worden. Jammer.

Edit 04/07/2017:
Vreselijk deprimerend janknummer. 2 sterren en zeker niet meer.
Laatst gewijzigd: 04/07/2017 14:58

Net voldoende maar daarmee is ook alles gezegd 😊

Richard (NL)
Saai nummer.

I could end up really liking this. Looks promising.

Didn't know the band were Danish. This is a good song and is quite interesting in sound and lyrics. UK#1 for 5 weeks and Ireland#1.
Laatst gewijzigd: 11/03/2016 20:01

Some of the vocal inflections irritate but other than that it's delivered relatively well. Don't think it's something I could completely get behind though.

actually never mind
Laatst gewijzigd: 22/02/2016 13:43

"Once I was eleven years old my daddy told me
Go get yourself a wife..."

Come on... A very typical whine-fest with cringeworthy lyrics and a vocalist that compliments all of that but at least the music is decent. 2.7

I like this very much.
Laatst gewijzigd: 01/08/2020 12:56

Nice story but the voice is not so good. I'm not surprised this is huge at the moment. 4.5.

This will be a hit and there's nothing anyone can do about it.
Laatst gewijzigd: 28/05/2016 09:01

Nice track, but doesn't really feel like a worldwide smash.

Weak and overestimated.

I do find this rather bland though lyrically it is quite smart. There are many tracks in the top 50 at the moment that I would rather be #1 on iTunes and ARIA.

Edit: 2* now, so boring and overplayed.
Laatst gewijzigd: 16/04/2016 06:40

I hate this song. Lyrics make me cringe and production isn't anything special

I've grown very tired of this song by now. It's been everywhere for a while and it's not that good to begin with.

I honestly don't care.

In comparison to what's popping on the charts, not bad.

Enough pissing around from me with this, it's time for a massive rant, because I loathe this in its entirety. It is easily the worst song I have heard in the last 12 months, and a contender for worst of the decade.

There is a whole raft of problems I have with this, and watch out because it could get ugly.

I'll list what I have here now, and I'll probably keep adding to it whenever I think of more:

- Musically, it is weak, boring rubbish that's just a pain to listen through. You're bored out of your brains by a minute in, and it does not get any better.

- Lyrically it is utterly dire. Some weak, pandering bullshit about growing up conveyed with all the honesty and integrity of Bill Clinton's Lewinsky scandal speech. The beginning was bad enough to start off, but once we get to the "Once I was eleven years old my daddy told me/ Go get yourself a wife or you'll be lonely", we have reached the point of no return. Are you honestly claiming that, as well as your mother's slightly less shitty advice, to be significant life moments? Have you really gone and based the decisions of your life of those little shit-nuggets of wisdom? Fuck your parents and their worthless statements.

I really hate songs that sprout off bad parental advice (Karmin's "Acapella" is another offender in this department), but this just notches up the crap to another level, and it is completely insufferable.

Another thing I should point out is that you can tell that English isn't the first language for these guys. I'm not complaining about their attempts at learning another language (it's actually something I highly encourage), but what I'm saying is that everything just sounds so Goddamn awkward and there is no natural flow to it. You can tell because the singer keeps relying on the same constant turns of phrase, particular the "Once/soon I was/I'll be (so many) years old". It sounds as if it is breaking some law of the English language, because this is now how the language is meant to sound.

Also, the revelations that the singer come to here are extraordinarily weak. Since his life lessons, as I've explained, basically mean nothing to me, the best revelations we seem to get here are that once they were all 7, 11 and 20 years old, and, if they live to that age, they will soon be 30 and 60 years old as well (the lead singer being 27 years old at the time of recording).

Not to go all Adam Buckley here, but shit, if you're 27 years old now, then you must have been aged 7, 11 AND 20 years old at points in your life, and, if you live an extra 3 years, then you will be 30 years old AND if you live an extra 33 years, then you will be 60 years old. Wow! What an epiphany! Did you come up with that all by yourself?!? Hang on a second, let me go get the Nobel Prize polished up for you!

All in all, this is just lowest common denominator with no creativity whatsoever.

- Lukas's voice is simply unbearable. Despite this scourge on humanity, I still might give some of their other songs a listen just to see if all of their other songs are as bad as this (yes, that's how forgiving I can be, and no, it's not at the top of my priority list), but I'm not too eager to hear another wretched syllable come out of this guy's mouth ever again. But then again, I try to listen to a lot of music, so you never know what will happen.

- That is an obscene chart run. 8 weeks at #1 (and counting) is currently Australia's greatest shame, and one day we will look back on this being at #1 and really question what was going wrong with the country at this point in time, and drove people to buy such dirge.

It is also blocked Alan Walker from #1. BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

- The album title. Okay, this isn't a complaint about the song, but Weezer have named their albums after colours (I suppose they're not the only band to do this (e.g. The Beatles' "White Album"), but it is the main one I think of that made a SERIES of colour albums), and, in fact, released a "Blue Album" in 1994, which I'm sure is superior to this Lukas Graham record. The fact that I just mentioned Weezer and Lukas Graham in the same sentence also made me throw-up in my mouth a little bit as well.

- Overplay. I think this one basically explains itself. Please piss off and never come back.

And I can say that even with all the awful music in the top end of the charts now (One Call Away, Gold, Pillowtalk, Love Yourself, Hands to Myself, Work etc.), the fact that I can say that this is head-and-shoulders above the rest in how contemptuously bad this is is a testament to its worst-of-the-decade nominee credentials.

I really don't like to go in to rant mode like this, but rubbish like this really deserves it. Piss off Lukas Graham, and never come back please, for the sake of humanity.
Laatst gewijzigd: 18/04/2016 17:54

toch wel 1 van de betere songs van 2015

Zeker een mooie plaat. Maar was er eerlijk gezegd al snel op uitgekeken.

zaaalig gewoon zeker een van de beste in 2016

I find the lyrics corny and his vocals are grating. While i don't think this is one of the worst songs ever it also fails to provide any excitement, a boring listen overall.

tof nummer van Lucas Graham.

Dikke hit in zowat heel Europa, in de Vlaamse Ultratop 50 goed voor 10 weken op nummer één. Misschien een tikkeltje overroepen, maar best wel goed.

I never got into this and didn't see why it deserved 8 weeks at #1. I just find it boring!

A hit with a nostalgic feel to it, one where the narrator reminisces about their life. Now where have I heard that before? To its credit, vocally it's certainly not as horrendous as "Wasn't Expecting That" and it's also more interesting in general. It also reminds me of "The Chronicles Of Life And Death" by Good Charlotte but I don't enjoy it as much as that.

I guess my main problem with this is that it's rather tired sounding and doesn't do much to interest me. I didn't mind it so much at first, but certain things about the song got worse as time went by. The vocals, in particular that accent certainly sticks out, perhaps the first time I've not found a Danish accent appealing? Lyrically it's blah and I've never cared for it at all. He talks of his story but it's a rather dull and uninteresting one if you ask me. Some more character could've done this track well, but it was not to be. The music which sounds like it's taken from a lullaby is not flattering either. There's certainly worse out there but it's just one of a number of 2016 hits I really don't care for.

Weirdly enough I actually really liked this at first but about 2 months later, I got sick to death of it and realised how boring and uninteresting it truly is. Still tolerable though in small doses only.

Kaahu Leef
Boring song. I think everyone doesn't care about this anymore. The lyrics are bland, the music is sleepy and it sucks as a number one hit. And by the way I heard other songs about their age
Laatst gewijzigd: 14/03/2017 04:08

Love the emotion and storytelling behind this song, I do admit it got pretty tiresome towards the end of its chart run tho. Very overplayed.

Peaked at #12 on my personal chart.

P = 103

Almost 7 years later, this song is still just as bad
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