Skrillex & Diplo feat. Justin Bieber - Where Are ‹ Now

Cover Skrillex & Diplo feat. Justin Bieber - Where Are Ü Now


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Digital Owsla / Mad Decent / Atlantic - (Warner)
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1.Where Are ‹ Now (Radio Edit)
Digital Owsla / Mad Decent / Atlantic - (Warner)
Toon detailsAlles beluisteren
1.Where Are ‹ Now (Edit)

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Radio Edit3:36Where Are ‹ NowOwsla / Mad Decent / Atlantic
Edit3:09Where Are ‹ NowOwsla / Mad Decent / Atlantic
4:10Present Jack ‹Owsla / Mad Decent / Atlantic
4:11Now That's What I Call Music! 91Now
4:03Now That's What I Call Music! 55 [US]Legacy
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Puntengemiddelde: 3.22Skrillex & Diplo feat. Justin Bieber - Where Are ‹ Now (Reviews: 58)

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The interesting sounds prevent this from going below average. Could have been much worse but thankfully not.

Why Justin Bieber? :P

A weaker, but still good track from Jack Ü.

Snormobiel Beusichem
▒ Eigenlijk helemaal géén verkeerde plaat van de heren, voorjaar 2015 ☺!!!

Fabio (auch Fabi GaGa)
Klar, Justin ist mir auch unsymphatisch, aber dieses haten geht einfach auf den Sack! Er als Person ist ein schreckliches Vorbild, aber wir bewerten hier Musik und nicht Menschen!

"Where Are Ü Now" ist nicht schlecht. Interessante Porduktion, die Beats gefallen mir irgendwie. Die ruhigen Parts vom Bieber können auch überzeugen. Im grossen und ganzen sehe ich hier eine 4*+

edit: gefiel mir schon nach mehrmaligem hören viel besser, diese Schiene mag ich vom Justin! 5*-
Laatst gewijzigd: 14/11/2015 20:56

A boring vocal from Bieber and boring music from whoever make this all around worthless, but at least not unlistenably obnoxious. Focus on the positives!
Laatst gewijzigd: 11/06/2020 02:44

Even had ik de stille hoop dat het nog wat zou wezen, maar helaas. Het stelt weinig voor.

Het plaatje begint met een saai intro gezongen door Justin Bieber en barst uit in een potpourri (mengelmoes, ratjetoe, allegaartje) van uiterst irritante geluiden die wat mij betreft niet eens bij elkaar horen. Opzouten hiermee.

Improves towards the end but it's a fairly weak effort from Skrillex and Diplo who have both done far better. 3.25

Wat RV zegt. Soort jungle met Bieber als aap.

Edit: Toch maar wat sterren erbij. Wat een groeier is dit.

Edit2: Deze plaat markeerde toch de omslag van Bieber als kindster naar Bieber als volwassen en gerespecteerde zanger. Wat een fenomeen en wat een vette plaat is dit nog steeds.
Laatst gewijzigd: 03/10/2016 23:35

A pretty interesting sound that didn't strike me as being too good on the first listen.

I'm not sure what direction repeated hearings will take this song, but I'm thinking I'll grow to like it more.

I suppose the success of this track goes down to the hype of the collaboration and little else. Which in itself is kind of weird since surely there aren't many people out there who don't (either for musical or personal reasons) hate at least one of the three guys on this track. Apparently there are but it's still a bit odd that it could slip through the cracks anyhow.

It doesn't really help matters that Bieber comes across as rather unlikeable here. Not for his performance which, is ok and doesn't really leave an impression on me, but what he's portraying in the lyrics. The whole song seems to boil down to 'I did all these things for you. You may not have asked me to, but I'll be damned if you aren't going to reciprocate!' It's borderline mafia mentality, and erases any good will anyone should have for someone having done those prior deeds.

And while that's a shame, the thing that lets me down more is the fact that Skrillex & Diplo can both be involved in such an anti-banger. It gives off the impression that it's going somewhere big, but then when the chorus hits, it's just a haphazardous mess of beats that aren't quite melodic enough to evoke anything out of me. There are also some hi-hats in there that don't really rest on anything, more superfluous than anything.

I'm sorry Jack Ü but no thank Ü 2.5

Different sound but I don't find anything particularly interesting about it. Also it snnoys me that it is neither good to run to nor dance to. Frustrating.

Vreselijk! Jammer ook van Skrillex en Diplo door zo hun naam te grabbel te gooien.

Aanstekelijk nummer.


I like this track and it's quite interesting. UK#3 and Ireland#9.

I have a kind of love-hate thing with this song. But it's not that extreme. So let's say its a "likeable-slight irritable" type situation, that with my mood could result in a review score alternating between 2* to 4*.
I have appreciated JB's vocals better here over time. Dare I say, a kind of tenderness comes through, such as in the bridge. But that breakdown post-chorus is a blot on the production, probably the thing that's annoyed me most since months ago. The vocal distortion elements are mixed. Some are bearable, others less so. Drifting higher towards a 4* lately but the annoying moments don't go away. 3.5*

I've never really liked Justin Bieber but I have become more apathetic in that regard since about 2013. After all there are a few songs of his I could enjoy and there was a noticeable improvement in his output over time. This for me was interesting because it marked the first time I felt like I actively cared about one of his songs. Granted working with Diplo and Skrillex was always going to appeal to me more than the teen pop he was making before. But listening to this I didn't even care at all, and why should I when he could easily have been some unknown artist pulled from somewhere to provide the vocals.

I don't find this anywhere near as satisfying as the other two Jack Ü tracks I've heard, let alone many other tracks from Skrillex or Diplo but it's solid. I did get sick of it but hearing it less in the last few months has certainly helped. I do fall for the chill vibes present here and Bieber's vocal works well with that. It's not perfect but it works for what it is. The production is solid and interesting enough but the drop really could've been something better. All I remember from it is those weird sounds that cover it. Not only that but it does seem to go on for too long. The track in general suffers from this I feel, parts of it really drag on. A bit too bland for its own good I suppose.

I do like this, but it's a little sad that it has become one of the biggest hits with this sort of sound because it's not as good as most of its contemporaries. If anything it really feels like a stepping stone to something greater for Justin Bieber, which even before "What Do You Mean?" surfaced I had a feeling would happen. Also I did hear a remix of this in the club over the weekend and it was far more interesting. I have no idea what that remix was called or if it was even official but the general feel I got was that it helped fill in the gaps where it dragged out. Which was nice.

Meh no thanks.

Awesome track. Bieber's contribution is suprising but it works big time.

The song that bought Justin Bieber a huge comeback into the charts. And the song even found love among his haters.

Dit was een enorme hit in Nederland. Zelf vind ik het een degelijk plaatje, meer ook niet..

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