Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth - See You Again

Cover Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth - See You Again
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Binnenkomst:11/04/2015 (Positie 39)
Laatste week notering:20/02/2016 (Positie 97)
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Digital Atlantic - (Warner)
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1.See You Again

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Puntengemiddelde: 3.16Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth - See You Again (Reviews: 115)

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Puth makes this surprisingly tolerable.

This is actually a great track. Not Khalifa's best rap performance, but overall, this is good.

Fabio (auch Fabi GaGa)
Ist gar nicht so schlecht wie man es sonst von Wiz gewohnt ist.
Nur dank dem Film ein mega Hype!
Ich bin froh wen die nervige Zeit und den mega Hype von Fast&Furious vorbei ist!!

I wish I wasn't so cynical about the very existence of this, but either way it's an average song. The chorus should be bringing emotion but it's just dull and the vocals are too overblown at times.

Snormobiel Beusichem
▒ Op 30 november 2013 kwam de Amerikaanse acteur en fotomodel: "Paul William Walker IV" (40 jaar) om het leven tijdens een auto-ongeluk in Californië !!! Een dag later werd bekend dat de film: "Furious 7", waarin hij een hoofdrol had, herschreven zou gaan worden !!! "Walkers", personage is in de zevende film, die gisteren officieel is uitgekomen, met pensioen zal gegaan !!! Deze soundtrack van: "Wiz Khalifa & Charlie Puth", is ook een ode aan: "Paul" !!! Precies 4 sterren ☺!!!

Gezien de extra lading en betekenis van dit nummer, kom ik toch wel tot de 4 sterren. Het nummer op zich is niet uitzonderlijk.

Dankzij Puth is dit nog een aardige single.

While I was expecting something more soppy, the chorus is just a blatant Sam Smith imitation. Wiz's contributions are pretty decent but he's hardly at his best when within the confines of a brief like this. 3.5

After initially being unsure what I would think of this when seeing it atop Australia's iTunes chart, after watching the effective implementation of it in the movie, I'm liking it.

Wiz doesn't fare too badly (he's certainly done worse), but it's Puth's sweet vocals in the chorus that really pull me in.

While there are other songs I'd prefer to see at #1, I'm fine with this taking that position for now.

EDIT: It did drop off on me eventually, but I can't say I have any particular dislike of it. It's just okay.

Puth's subsequent output makes this appear like a masterpiece, which just goes to show what I think of him. So even though this is decent and all, I still would have preferred if this hadn't succeeded, because Puth has been a blight on the charts ever since.

4* -> 3*
Laatst gewijzigd: 29/03/2016 17:57

It sort of reeks as a sympathy vote because this is a tribute to Paul Walker. Alas, Solid track.

Edit: I don't hate it but I don't like it as much either.
Laatst gewijzigd: 30/05/2018 05:36

Rapnummers die wat commerciëler klinken, zoals deze 'See You Again', kunnen me over het algemeen meer bekoren dan die saaie en agressieve rapnummers waar geen spatje melodie in zit. Dit is gewoon een goed rap-/popnummer met een leuk refrein en zelfs wat pit in de 'oh-oh-oh'-gedeeltes. Ruim voldoende.

I'm surprised I'm liking this already even though I hated it at first. It's heartfelt.

Really didn't think I'd like this as it's Wiz but this is quite good and the chorus helps it. Wiz Khalifa second UK#1 and Charlie Puth's first UK#1. UK#1 and Ireland#1.
Laatst gewijzigd: 14/08/2015 19:04

It's a bit better than I initially thought; I like the lyrics, but it doesn't feel like it should be a massive WW hit.

Quite enjoyable. Although Wiz Khalifa's rap is as dire as anything, Mr Puth picks it up significantly. Good song (and thank god for this reaching #1 in the States btw)

I'm kind of mixed on this one. There are good and annoying moments. This one certainly sways with my mood. The aaah-ahhh-ohhh moments do rise the occasion. Nice piano. Good and getting better.

Hele mooie eerbetoon aan Paul Walker en één van de beste nummers van het moment. Uniek en heel mooi, vooral het refrein dat Charlie Puth zingt. Ook de coupletten waarin Wiz Khalifa zingt zijn erg mooi en gevoelig. Beter dan standaard rapnummers, dat sowieso!

Op YouTube ook een extreem gelikte en bekeken video: meer dan 300 miljoen weergaven en meer dan 3 miljoen likes. Even vergelijken: Gangnam Style heeft meer dan 2 miljard weergaven en 9 miljoen likes!



Not bad. I can see why it hit number one but I would have preferred if it didn't. 3.45*

I think this is a beautiful song. Sometimes I wish the rap was absent from it but I do enjoy it none the less.

Deserves 6 stars just for being one of the biggest hits worldwide of 2015.

Shanfa Chai
Belgians seems to hate this song since a lot of them gave it one star and the fact is that it only got a score of 3.16, which is for me a very undeserving score.

Why? This song is great and I really enjoyed listening to this.
Laatst gewijzigd: 04/06/2016 12:16

I hate being cynical about this for obvious reasons but it's just so unenjoyable. Getting Charlie Puth to provide a budget Sam Smith performance was a horrible choice as he lacks the same spark that Sam Smith has and comes across as horribly whiny and unbearable, especially with the "oh oh oh oh ahhh ahhh oooh" etc. parts. Wiz Khalifa is perfectly okay but not particularly interesting, although at least he's not horrible like Puth. I get why it was so huge but I definitely think its success is overdone, especially in the US. For me, there are far better songs out there to help grieve with the death of someone. And Charlie Puth needs to disappear forever before I hate him even more.


I often find myself comparing this song to "I'll Be Missing You". It comes pretty much exactly one generation later and did the same deed of driving the buying market crazy when it hit. I often find myself wondering though, which of the two tracks is worse?

To be fair here, these are two totally different tracks. They're born of different eras, so of course that's the case. "I'll Be Missing You" is Combs mourning the loss of a very close friend. You can't fake the emotion in it. "See You Again" is Wiz Khalifa mourning a star in a reasonably rated car...series. Charlie Puth actually is singing about a close friend of his though, from what I understand it was kind of meshed into the rest of the song. It's easy to say that yes, "I'll Be Missing You" has the edge here, but it also has the downside that it's overwrought & underwritten, and there's something cynical about the whole thing.

But still the problem with "See You Again" is that it's just not nuanced enough. It suffers from the boyband schtick of putting no detail in so the listeners can do that instead, and it's just not what I want out of a track. It's providing too easy an answer for something that just isn't that. I like the song "Aerobed" by Cymbals Eat Guitars that came out this year which gets this right. Not only is it nuanced and specific, but it doesn't cut out the ugly parts or try to paint the narrator as a Mary Sue in the situation. Rarely will you hear a mourning song where the narrator admits that they didn't even give a shit about the impending severe illness of their friend.

A positive for "See You Again", it doesn't sample a song about stalking, and it doesn't earn Sting royalties for a riff Andy Summers came up with, bastard. It didn't push a mediocre album that ushered in a bleak era of hip hop (incidentally, Biggie's verses are the sole highlights in "No Way Out"). But it's just so draining to listen to, and so calculated that I don't want to give it any kudos.

I've really enjoyed this song ever since it came out and I'm so glad it gave Charlie Puth a big break, a great song and memorial.

Such a good song. And that final scene from Fast 7 that this song was in. Get the tissues out!

Upon release I was never drawn into the fandom because I've never been a fan of the Fast & The Furious franchise or of Wiz Khalifa's, also never heard of this Charlie Puth. So in truth i loathed it alot under the commercial saturation at the time.
Over time i'm actually enjoying now but I still hear it way to much to indulge. Hijinx touches on a great similarity in earlier reviews which is relevant to the amount of exposure i'm talking about. However I actually like "I'll Be Missing You" and still do.

Laatst gewijzigd: 07/05/2018 08:17


Kaahu Leef
I been thrashed Puff Daddy's song "I'll Be Missing You" for years and so is this one. I am glad this was written about Paul Walker's past and it has some sad but really greatful dedicated message for the meaning of the song. Awesome listen for a Hip hop soul background.

#11 of my Top 500 Favourite Songs Of All Time.

Een zeer schone ode aan de veel te vroeg overleden Paul Walker.

I don't find anything interesting or overly emotional about this track - Charlie Puth is as bland as ever, and the whole thing evokes nothing of the circumstance.

3.4* Puth actually carries a song? Great chorus and bridge.
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